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Importing Livestock for Meat

Utilising the Lembiru Livestock Australia supply network, Lembiru Livestock Sdn Bhd imports large numbers of sheep, goats and cattle that are sold through approved and audited importers, feedlots and abattoirs. 

Market conditions and domestic supply in Australia are key factors that determine price and quality, however this can be discussed with the Lembiru Livestock team at any point in time to ensure you as the end user receive the product you require, at the price you can afford. 

Importing livestock for meat from Australia is only permissible if the facilities and stakeholders associated with the imported animals are part of the Exporter Supply Chain Assurance System (ESCAS) and specific levels of control and traceability, compliance and animal welfare standards are strictly maintained.


Sheep and Goats

Lembiru operates a regular importation service of Australian goats and sheep into Malaysia by air. We pride ourselves on our ability to meet customer specifications at competitive prices.

Lembiru are industry leaders in observing and ensuring animal wellbeing is maintained at all time throughout the importation process, meaning that our high quality animals arrive in good health and condition.

We supply a variety of breeds of sheep, including Merino, Damara and Dorper cross rams and wethers, and the goats we supply include feral and Boer cross bucks and wethers.

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Exporter Supply Chain Assurance System (ESCAS)

Any potential buyer of imported Australian feeder and slaughter livestock MUST first become acquainted with the Exporter Supply Chain Assurance System (ESCAS) mandated by the Australian Government.  All importers, farms/feedlots and abattoirs must become ESCAS accredited prior to being able to purchase any Australian feeder or slaughter livestock.

Lembiru Livestock is committed to animal well being and takes its ESCAS obligations very seriously.  Lembiru works closely with its customers’ and their supply chains to ensure that animal welfare principals are understood and observed at all times. 

ESCAS is an assurance system based on four principles:

  1. Animal welfare: animal handling and slaughter in the importing country conforms to World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) animal welfare recommendations

  2. Control through the supply chain: the exporter has control of all supply chain arrangements for livestock transport, management and slaughter. All livestock remain in the supply chain

  3. Traceability through the supply chain: the exporter can trace all livestock through the supply chain

  4. Independent audit: the supply chain in the importing country is independently audited.

Exporters are required to have an ESCAS in place for all feeder and slaughter livestock. ESCAS does not apply to export of breeder livestock.


Australian Livestock Export Road Map