Dairy Equipment

DeLaval Distributor

DeLaval is a multinational dairy farming machinery manufacturer and is recognized as being a global leader in dairying innovation and technology. Lembiru Livestock Sdn Bhd is the only authorised dealer for DeLaval in Peninsular Malaysia.

Through its partnership with DeLaval, Lembiru Livestock Sdn Bhd has the ability to provide solutions for the most complex dairying problems affecting the small farm holder right through to large corporate operations.

Lembiru Livestock sells and supplies all DeLaval product ranges and solutions offered in South East Asia.To access to the DeLaval Catalogues click here or head to the DeLaval website. However to order any parts or enquire about pricing please contact the Lembiru Team.


Whether you aim to milk more cows in less time or focus more on operator safety and comfort, DeLaval has the right parlour solution and related equipment for you.

A modern, effective milking parlour can increase your profits by empowering you to produce highest quality milk. DeLaval meets your milk quality needs with the latest in milk meters, milk indicators, clusters, liners, tubing, vacuum, automation, parlours, sort gates, filters, tubing, receivers and more.

We offer all types of milking solutions designed to give excellent milking hygiene, improve udder health, reduce labour costs, meet other current needs and allow for future expansion.


Herd Management

Managing a dairy farm means managing a demanding business. Whether your farm is large, medium or small, you set your own goals, manage the business activities, and must do all or part of the physical work, or supervise and manage your staff. It can be difficult to separate management from daily tasks, as both must be performed at the same time.

The solution – a professional management system from DeLaval. This will save you many hours of work each week, while giving you better control of your herd and each cow – to improve productivity and profitability.

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Feeding is the largest milk production cost. Optimizing feed management is therefore a profitable investment – one that can improve herd reproduction and health, while reducing environmental impact.

DeLaval provides systems and products that improve feeding efficiency and animal performance, regardless of existing feeding strategy or farm layout.

Feed quality can be improved by using the correct feed additives. DeLaval provides additive options for high-quality silage.


Milk Cooling and Storage

Rapid and efficient milk cooling is essential for preserving milk quality. Milk leaves the udder at approximately 35°C and the heat in fresh milk must be quickly removed. Milk retains a natural resistance to bacteria immediately after extraction, but only rapid cooling to a storage temperature of around 4°C to 6°C, prevents or minimizes further micro-organism growth.

DeLaval offers most comprehensive range of technical, on-farm milk cooling equipment globally, because we recognize the importance of effective cooling to quality milk production.

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Cow Comfort

DeLaval supplies a wide range of proven solutions, equipment, consumables and accessories to help you optimally control the production of highest quality milk from healthy cows.

Our animal care range includes hygienic surface treatments for floors, walls, grooming equipment, hoof care tools, halters, collars, cow mats, calf feed fences, cubicle dividers, feed fences, short stands, gates and partitions.

Let your animals relax in a more hygienic and comfortable environment while you enjoy its unbeatable ergonomic design.

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Barn and Working Environment

A good barn environment is essential for optimum cow comfort, health and productivity, and to protect your milk quality. This is particularly true where your animals are indoors all or most of the time.

A good barn environment has adequate ventilation, lighting and pest control.

It’s easy to control the climate in your barn with a combination of air inlets, fans, control boxes and biosecurity products from DeLaval. Together they deliver the fresh air your animals need for good health and high productivity.


Manure and Effluent

Efficient manure handling supports better milking hygiene and livestock welfare. It also improves the barn’s interior climate by reducing the levels of ammonia and nitrous gases in the atmosphere. A properly designed and managed manure system preserves the fertiliser-value of these wastes. It also helps reduce any leakage to rivers, lakes and ground-water.

DeLaval is one of the biggest suppliers of manure handling equipment in the world. Our robust gutter cleaners, presses, pumps and scrapers comprise a reliably effective method for handling solid and liquid manure.

The kind of animal, feeding intensity, feeding, water mix, bedding material, amount of bedding and so on effects what it becomes.