Dairy goats

Dairy goat milk and other milk based products such as yoghurt, cheese and kefir are increasingly popular in Malaysia as an alternative to cows milk as it is low allergenic and is considered by some to be healthier than  cows milk particularly for children.

Common breeds that can be imported from Australia and New Zealand are the Saanen, Toggenburg and Anglo Nubian.  Availability can be limited, so customers wanting large numbers are advised to order as early as possible before required delivery.

Dairy cattle

Lembiru Livestock imports into Malaysia significant numbers of Australian dairy cattle and can also import New Zealand dairy cattle.

Australian dairy cattle are highly sought after in the Malaysian market due to high domestic fresh milk prices combined with increasing levels of Government support and investment. This trade is rapidly growing and makes up a large part of the Lembiru business.

Australian dairy cattle are also in high demand internationally as they are noted for their adaptability, hardiness, good milk production and competitive pricing. Upon request we can supply a range of supporting documentation with imported dairy cattle including herd milk production data, individual dam production data, individual pedigree history, and registration certification from the relevant breed society.

There are two main breeds readily available in Australia in commercial numbers, the Holstein Friesian and the Jersey. The Holstein Friesian-Jersey cross is also available and is very popular throughout Asia because of its adaptability to the tropical climate. Other dairy breeds such as the Brown Swiss are available but in smaller numbers. We can supply yearling heifers, pregnant heifers and dairy bulls.


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