Breeding Meat Goats

The main breeding goat supplied for meat production purposes from Australia and New Zealand is the Boer goat. To a lesser extent, Kalahari Reds are available and have similar attributes to a Boer goat, other than the dark colouring all over the body. 

Lembiru Livestock can import all categories, from Registered full blood Boer does and bucks to F1 Boer/Rangeland cross, depending on customer requirements. There can be a big difference in the cost and availability of goats depending on their Boer content (F1 meaning first cross, through to F5 meaning 5th cross) and this should be considered or discussed with the Lembiru Team.

Boer goats are widely recognised for their superior meat yield over other breeds, and there is growing demand throughout South East Asia to increase the infusion of Boer genetics throughout the domestic herd. 

Breeding Sheep

Lembiru Livestock can supply any number of breeding sheep for export by air and although there are many different breeds in Australian and New Zealand, we can provide advice on the the best suited to the end users needs.

Demand for meat sheep genetics in Malaysia has seen increased numbers of the cleanskin or hair breeds of sheep being imported, such as the Black and White Dorper, Damara, Awassi, Australian White and Van Rooy. This is because these breeds require less maintenance with no need for shearing, a resistance to parasites and superior carcase yield.

Lembiru Livestock imports high quality breeding sheep and supplies to customers and enterprises of varying sizes and financial status ranging from the largest government sponsored projects in Malaysia through to small private niche breeding operators. 

Other non meat breeds we can supply include, but are not limited to Border Leicester, Merino and Dohne.

Beef Cattle for Breeding

The Lembiru team can supply all the major breeds that make up the Australian and New Zealand cattle herds.

Our experience enables us to make precise recommendations in selecting cattle that will best suit a buyer’s needs. A range of factors are always considered, including; disease and pest tolerance, adaptability to tropical climates, temperament, fertility, growth rates and ultimately, profitability to the buyer.

We supply stud cattle registered with the respective breed society, and/or commercial animals, hand-picked for their superior genetic qualities. Lembiru works with Malaysian breeding farms on improving the quality of their herds by supplying elite bulls and heifers. We supply all the major beef breeds as well as the less common breeds. The beef animals of highest demand in Malaysia are Brahman, Charolais, Limousin, Angus and respective crosses.


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