Agricultural Advisory Services

Importing livestock is the core business of Lembiru, however we also deliver a range of professional and complementary agribusiness consultancy services that underpin the fully-integrated corporate approach. These services range from farm planning and budgeting, feedlot management and design, dairy management and farm design, animal health and nutritional advice to fully integrated end to end project management.

In conjunction with our affiliated Australian company, Lembiru Livestock Malaysia has and continues to be involved in ruminant livestock breeding and value operations throughout Australia, South East and Central Asia.

Where required we can assist clients to develop full supply chain integration from initial farm based production right through to further processing and retail strategies.

Post Arrival Livestock Transition

Provide advice and management programs and strategies to minimize livestock adaptation periods and other stressors associated with the export and post arrival adaptation.


Breeding Programs, Health and Nutrition

Design and implementation of ruminant livestock breeding programs tailored to tropical environments that maximize production and fertility traits whilst producing livestock and/or livestock products  that are in line with market demands and specifications.


Farm Planning and Budgeting

Can assist clients in the farm enterprise planning process including financial analysis.


Feedlot Design and Management

Can assist in the design and development of required infrastructure and management structures needed in the development of a feedlot enterprise.


Fully Integrated Supply Chain Management

Lembiru can assist clients design and develop vertically integrated livestock programs that are highly productive and commercially profitable.

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Rural Training

We also provide training programs to our international clients to help improve animal husbandry techniques and management ability of staff in Livestock projects.

We offer two services;

1. Australian experts travel to the project location to identify issues and conduct training courses with on ground staff in order to quickly improve skill level.


2. An Australian cadetship where key livestock staff are sent to Australia to live and work on farms where they receive real industry experience. This is combined with a theory component and they are assessed for competency at the end of the period and given relevant accreditation.

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